Business Areas

The maritime industrypkp-machining-The maritime industry-cnc

The maritime industry is one of our country’s most international fields of industry, with more than 90% of its products exported. Finland’s maritime industry encompasses shipbuilding, repairs, offshore docks, turnkey marine deliveries, work by design agencies and software manufacturers, and system and device supply.

In addition to the Finnish maritime industry, we deliver entities and parts for the international maritime industry.



The offshore industrypkp-machining-The offshore industry-cnc

Offshore technology – for industrial and commercial operations taking place in a marine environment – demands equipment that is able to perform in extreme conditions.

PKP-Machining serves both Finnish and international offshore-industry experts.



The paper industrypkp-machining-The paper industry-cnc

In Finland, the paper industry has spearheaded the country’s exports ever since we gained independence. Paper and cardboard manufacturers are constantly seeking means of improving the efficacy of their processes and the profitability of their business. PKP-Machining meets the challenges of this area of technology with well-designed, ready-for-use production processes.

We deliver the headboxes for paper machines and other parts that must meet the strict requirements of this business.



The pulp industrypkp-machining-The pulp industry-cnc

Pulp industry is a capital intensive business which needs processes that are able to provide the highest operational efficiency. The trouble-free operation of pulp mills relies on high-quality machinery and maintenance, including top-notch spare parts.

PKP-Machining delivers products such as machined parts and assemblies for this business.



The Energy Industrypkp-machining-energy-industry-cnc

Our operations encourage a modern, environment-friendly industry.

The energy industry is a versatile field, developing continuously and representing innovative solutions: Our customers in the energy industry value efficient production, high-standard product design, and environmentally friendly operations.

A green approach and minimal energy footprint is a precondition for many customer relationships. PKP-Machining meets these requirements by continuously developing its operation methods, paying special attention to the length of the product’s service life and the use of raw materials. We train our staff continuously in order to guarantee controlled production.



The extractive industrypkp-machining-The extractive industry-cnc

The extractive industry is the field covering mining operations, which encompass quarrying of metal, industrial minerals, and construction stones and aggregates.

Extractive industry requires robust machinery that can withstand the powers used in quarrying and crushing or rock materials. We deliver parts such as machined drive shafts for belt and screw conveyors and conveyor rolls.



The chemical industrypkp-machining-chemical-industry-cnc

The chemical industry typically represents large-scale operations, but it also includes small-volume production. This industry produces raw materials for other branches of industry as well as ready-made final products.

Our deliveries for the chemical industry consist of both individual machined products and assemblies. Material selections are crucial for the demanding processes of the chemical industry – the products must be corrosion-resistant, pressure-resistant, and durable.



Mechanical engineeringpkp-machining-Mechanical engineering-metal-industry

For the mechanical engineering industry, we offer machining, assemblies, and maintenance.
We deliver both ready machines produced in-house and products created through a subcontracting relationship. For industry, we deliver hydraulic blocks and sheet metal press bodies. Smaller component batches are manufactured in serial production.

Our repair machining service includes sleeving, build-up welding of shaft journals, metal spraying, and the manufacture of spare parts. For the needs of heavy transport, we produce machine bodies, hoisting equipment, and gearboxes.