PKP-Machining has specialised in machining of medium-heavy and heavy pieces. We can machine pieces weighing up to 120 tonnes.

Heavy pieces • Boring • Stainless steel • Copper and aluminium • Deep hole drilling • Vertical turning • CNC boring • Sleeving • Build-up welding of shaft journals • Metal spraying • Manufacturing spare parts• Mig/Mag welding • TIG welding • Arc welding



We machine various materials,
putting our solid expertise to
work for you.
Our modern machine base
enables machining pieces that weigh
up to 120 tons.

Welding & sheet metal work

We offer a high-quality and
finished welding result,
thanks to our certified welders,
broad experience and
diversified expertise.


PKP-Machining delivers the machines or component entities as pre-made partial
or complete assemblies.
Small and large device entities
are handled with the same
high efficiency.

Our machine base

Our machine base
is modern and versatile,
meeting the needs of even the
most demanding customers.


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