Machining pieces weighing up to 120 tonnes.

Extensive expertise on various materials and machining methods

We have extensive competence in machining various materials: we machine stainless and acid-proof steel, copper, aluminium, and wear-resistant grades of steel. Our modern machine base, composed of sturdy units for demanding applications, enables us to machine pieces of up to 120 tons. Our repair machining service includes sleeving, build-up welding of shaft journals, metal spraying, and the manufacture of spare parts.

Our spacious 3,100-square-metre machining hall offers a lifting height of 12,5 m and lifting capacity of 120 tons.

The load-bearing capacity of the circular tables of our modern CNC boring machines is 15 and 50 tons. They are excellent for flexible machining of demanding and heavy pieces. The CNC boring machines have an automatic crosshead and automatic crosshead changing station, and both machines are equipped with Heidenhain 530i control. The deep-hole boring devices of the boring machines reach a hole depth of 3–5 m.