Register information

Register information

Customer and marketing register

1 Registrar

Pöytyän Koneistuspalvelu Oy
Koukkarintie 3
21870 Riihikoski
Y-tunnus: 2094017-1

2 Person responsible for register issues / contact person

Antti Sätilä
+358 40 725 3656

3 Register name

PKP-Machining customers international

4 Purpose of processing personal information

The personal information is processed as a contact and customer register of natural persons who have registered for Pöytyän Koneistuspalvelu (PKP-Machining) service, or based on a customer-relationship or other relevant connection.

The personal information is used for maintenance and management of the customer relationship, customer and direct marketing, and opinion polls and market surveys. Users may forbid the use of their information for direct marketing purposes, opinion polls, and market surveys by notifying the registrar.

5 Information content of the register

Pöytyän koneistuspalvelu service user register may contain the following information:

• Name
• Street address, postal code, and city
• Country
• Company
• Phone number
• E-mail address
• Information provided by the users themselves, including interests

6 Regular sources of information

All information in the register is provided by the registered persons themselves upon registration and use of the service. Information can also be collected from public sources and marketing campaings.

7 Protection principles for the register

The registered is protected against third-party access. A username and password are required for logging in to the system. Only employees involved in processing the personal information have access to the register. The employees are under an obligation of secrecy as regards the information in the register. There is no manually processed material in the register.

8 Inspection of the register information

The persons included in the register are entitled to check their information in the register. In order to do this, they must contact to the registrar or visit the registrar in person. The registrar shall allow these persons to view their information in the register without undue delay and shall provide the information in writing if so requested. Persons included in the register are entitled to check the information.

9 Right to prohibit delivery and correct information

The persons included in the register are entitled to stop using the PKP-Machining service at any time. In this case, the registrar shall remove all personal information related to said persons from the register.

The persons included in the register are entitled to demand correction of an incorrect piece of information in the register. The correction request must be delivered to the person responsible for register issues.